Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Feeling Good!

Greetings, sponsors and well-wishers!

Just a little progress report: It is with the utmost joy and relief that I announce to you that I am over the worst of the sugar and flour cravings! This is a momentous occasion, as the last few weeks have been filled with recurring instances of this type of exchange within my own poor addled brain:

Weak Deb: OMG, that Top Pot Pink Feathered Boa doughnut in the lunchroom looks SOOOOO delicious. I've done really well on my diet overall in the last week or so... So, what harm could one innocent little pink doughnut possibly do? I've earned it!

Strong Deb: Are you kidding me?!? Do not even THINK about putting that thing in your mouth. Think about how hard you've worked to overcome the sugar and flour cravings. Do you want to undo all of that hard work in one fell swoop? Be strong. In 15 minutes, you'll be glad that you didn't eat that doughnut. Trust me.

Weak Deb: But it's just one doughnut. In the grand scheme of things, it's not that...

Strong Deb: For pete's sake, will you just STOP? Pretend that the doughnut doesn't exist. Let someone else's arteries get clogged. Besides, will you please think of the chimps??????

So, you can see what I was up against on a regular basis. The last couple of weeks have been pretty difficult. To tell you the truth, though, it was a lot easier than I'd thought it would be. It turns out that I do have the strength and discipline to make healthful choices about what I eat! What a revelation!

Now that I'm over the worst of the cravings (aka the Detox Phase), I'm going to focus on reducing portion sizes and getting myself to the gym.

And guess what. Thinking about the chimps really does help. It's a surprisingly powerful motivator. I love animals way more than I could love a fleeting doughnut.

Even a Top Pot Pink Feathered Boa.

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